Losing a friend.

This is kinda a free hand writing type of day…excuse the errors.


Today I thought of you and I instantly started to miss you…I don’t think about you often but when I do it makes me sad. I miss our friendship.. Genuine friends are so hard to come by these days. We had a strong foundation of respect, love, and empathy. We were there for one another at each others worst. We traveled the world together, spent holidays together, and was a shoulder for each other to cry on. I don’t think I appreciated you as much as I should have when we were together. The same goes for you. We were young and didn’t know much about relationships or love. I personally did not grow up seeing healthy relationships around me so I had no framework to model after. I thought about you recently after watching the finale of Insecure when Lawerence and Issa finally talked to each other. They had an mature post breakup talk ybut the scene where Issa and Lawrence parted ways really spoke to me.

Yes we dated for years but you was also my best friend. At times like this when I feel like my world is crashing, I wish I could call you. It makes me cry that you’re no longer around. You were literally always there for me physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I thought you sucked as a boyfriend but now after dating in New York; you look like the angel Gabriel compared to everyone else. I never told you enough how much I love and appreciate you and your friendship. One thing I will never forget is your communication. You never went a day without talking to me.

I hope you’re happy where ever you are,