An Ode to Choice

IMG_0627IMG_0623IMG_0621For April Fools Day 2017, I flew from New York to Atlanta to witness a ceremony of two people professing their love for one another in front of a sea of black family and friends. I have to emphasize “black” because the wedding was really all black. Seeing a young black couple get married in their early 20s defies stereotypes and  shows that black love is still alive; here in a barn in Toccoa, GA we came to celebrate it.  No April Fool Jokes or Drake Fake Love here. All real and Authentic. Kelle and Rods love is pure and true. Seriously. I met Kelle while working at a psychiatric institution after her and I had to endure dealing with extremely mentally disturbed children. Some how in the mist of that chaos we became close friends. We instantly clicked and have been friends ever since; Kelle is not only beautiful but she also has a hilarious unique personality to match it.  One day Kelle randomly told me if she ever got married she wanted it to be in a barn LOL and she was not playing. The wedding was in northern GA in a barn with hay and I Loved every minute of it.  Ironically, I also knew Rod. We attended Tucker High School together and were Facebook friends. During undergrad I used to always “like” the pictures he would post of his beautiful girlfriend. Who would’ve known that I would one day meet her and become close friends with her? I Thank God for giving me the opportunity to meet Kelle.

Kelle and Rod love is a testimony to choice and true love. These two were designed for each other by God. Their love shined so bright at their wedding that the whole church could tell that these two are the epitome of true love. Rod and Kelle made the choice to love each other, get married, and to commit to each other forever before family, friends, and God.

I loved the wedding, I loved seeing them together ,and I am truly thankful I had the opportunity to witness “Love”. Personally,  I’m still figuring out “Love” but I know it’s a choice. To seriously commit and build towards marriage. To chose to love your partner everyday. When Kelle met Rod for the first time at Savannah State University she called her mom and said “I think I just met my future husband”. Once you meet that person you will just know it.  Once you make the choice to choose someone God will be there to lead every step of the way or tell you that this person isn’t the right one. Either way God will be there and will never leave your side. The presence of God and the Holy Spirit was in the room at Kelle and Rods wedding to let us know that he will continue to be their with this couple as long as they continue to also chose Him. A Love rooted in God can not be easily broken.

A person standing alone can be attacked and defeated, but two can stand back-to-back and conquer. Three are even better, for a triple-braided cord is not easily broken. – Ecclesiastes 4:12

P.S. They met at an HBCU IMG_0477.JPG