Curry Chicken- Ivys version of Jamaican style

Time: 1.30 hour

Preparation:10 mins


How much seasoning you want is up to you. I use a lot.

Disclaimer: Im not Jamaican but I know how to cook. Ive combined recipes from my friend Deidre who is from Jamaica, YouTube, and online recipes to make a version of what works best for me.

Add a little water to cabbage, lightly season with Greek Seasoning

Add bread crumb to thicken gravy if needed


  1. Dice Tomato, Scallions, Garlic, Pepper. Put chicken thighs in a bowl and season it seasoning pepper and curry seasoning.  Mix diced vegetables and Chicken in bowl to marinate about 30 mins-1 hour. ( curry and veggies should be sticking to chicken)

Dice Potato for later

  1. Heat oil and 2 tablespoons of curry powder in a large iron skillet over high heat until oil is hot and curry powder changes color. Add chicken and veggies to oil. Once chicken start to turn brown. Reduce heat and add water to skillet. Add potato.
  2. Covering is optional. Cook until chicken is cooked and gravy is thickened.
    Trust me you will know the its done. I let it cook for about 40mins